Original Paintings and Glass by Gerry Chodak


Multi-colored Vases with Asymmetric Additions

Technique involves mixing solid colors to achieve a random visual effect followed by layering murini and other objects onto the piece to create three dimensional appearance.

Green Bubbles


Two step Italian technique in which glass rods are created by layering different colors on top of each other, which are sliced into small discs and are then rolled up into a vessel.

Brighten My Day

Acrylic Paintings

Influenced by bright colors and asymmetric shapes, these non-objective paintings aim to excite the viewer


Method of combining two blown glass objects into a single piece. 

Rose Streak

Fish Net Series

Colored powders are added over white base and then twisted in a metal mold to create unexpected color arrangement.

Miscellaneous Works

Asymmetric bowls, etched vases, etc. intended  to display interaction of color and shape.


My latest projects from the last few months.

My Art Available in These Fine Galleries

The Avalon Gallery

Delray Beach, FL

Sklar Furnishings

Boca Raton, FL

Water Street Gallery

Douglas, MI

Courtyard Gallery

New Buffalo, MI 


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